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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stacking blades and traps

Hi all,

I decided to put together a guide on how to stack blades and traps. Hope this helps anyone who doesn't know how to do it!

With blades, you don't have many options for stacking, there's only 2 ways to do it.
The first is to use the Elemental/Spirit Blades. Let's say your a fire wizard, to stack 2 blades, you would have to put on a regular fire blade, and a elemental blade, both will break and increase damage.
Note: If you put 2 fire blades on yourself only one will break, the other one will remain docile until your next fire spell. This can be done with any school except balance. Sorry balance wizards!

The second way to do it is to use treasure cards, for an example if you put a fire blade, and then a treasure card fire blade, both will break, you can also stack three for certain schools, fire for one can, you can put a fire blade on, then a treasure card +35% fire blade, and then a treasure card +40% fire blade, all three will break. This will work with any treasures that are different.

With traps, there are 3 ways to stack traps.
First, is pretty much the same as the blades, you can use the Elemental/Spirit traps to stack as explained above. You can also use amulets that have trap cards on them to stack.
Note: As the same with the blades, putting 2 traps on an enemy of the same kind will not work.

Second is pretty much the same as blades as well. You can use treasure cards with regular traps.

Third is a totally new way. You can stack traps with prisms. It is best when you are fighting a monster of your opposite school so you get a boost! The way trap stacking works, is the last one put on will go first.
Let me explain this in a little more depth. The last one goes first applies to shields as well.

For your convenience, I'm going to make a two different paragraphs on The last one goes first (TLOGF)

TLOGF With Shields:
This mainly applies to when you are trying to use prisms on enemies of your school, Let's say you are fire, and you are fighting a fire enemy (Boss or mob). Probably, you will prism, but after you do, the mob/boss puts up an ice shield. Remember, the last one goes first, so when you cast your efreet (or any fire attack spell), the ice shield will try to go, but your spell is fire, so the ice shield does nothing, the your fir epirsm breaks, and your fire spell becomes ice, but the ice shield has already had it's chance to go, but failed because your spell was fire at the time it tried to break. But, if the ice shield was put on, and then the fire prism, the fire prism would go first, making your spell ice, then the ice shield would break, reducing damage because your spell is ice after the prism.

TLOGF With Traps:
This is similar to using shields, We'll use another example of you being a fire wizard, and fighting a enemy. Remember The last one goes first, that is especially important in stacking traps. Let's say you are going to attack the enemy you are fighting and you want to stack traps, the problem is, for using this one, you will need ice traps. So, you have a ice trap, a ice amulet trap, a fire trap, a fire prism and a fire treasure card trap. Because the last one goes first you will have to put on the ice traps first, put the two ice traps on the enemy, then the prism, then the two fire traps. Because the last one goes first, the fire trap will go first because you put them on last, then your fire prism will break, then your ice traps, and will do maximum damage.