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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Meowmodon Gathering

On Sunday, May 1st at 5:00pm east in nightshade, everyone who would like to come and have a meowmodon mount should come. I will be asking 4 questions to everyone there, and would like for you guys to give back postive feedback. This feedback will go to Kingsisle Entertainment for a event I am trying to get passed. Please I would like everyone to be quiet until I ask one question, than you can answer at the same time. Then wait for the next question. I would like someone to go who can record as well. If you dont have a meowmodon bring in a tiger mount or lion k? One random person will be chosen to recieve A Hand of Doom pack. At the end.

The Questions Are: ( so you can practice)

1) Do you like your Meowmodon Mount?

2) Why did you get it?

3) If Kingsisle was to do sale another charity mount for crowns will you get it?

4) What mount should it be?

Tell your friends.

Monday, April 25, 2011

test realm up

The Story of Grizzleheim Continues with Wintertusk!
Word of your deeds in Grizzleheim has reached the ears of the greatest of the ravens, none other than Grandmother Raven herself. She's calling you to rescue her from the Coven....

You will begin your journey in Wintertusk after you have completed the "Everwinter" quest in Grizzleheim. When you begin your quest to rescue Grandmother Raven, you will be sent to Hrundle Fjord, the main area in Wintertusk.

Hrundle Fjord is a small walled Viking-style village, primarily inhabited by bear warriors and traders. There is a small dock outside where merchants and warriors enter the area. It’s remote and cold, perpetually covered in snow, and it’s among the older places in Grizzleheim. The surrounding areas are full of wild creatures and barbarians.

Wintertusk contains 5 main areas: Hrundle Fjord, Austrilund, Vestrilund, Sudrilund and the areas of Nordrilund & Nastrond are bundled together. Each of these areas are Premium areas that will require a Membership to enter, or individual areas will be available to be purchased with Crowns when Wintertusk arrives in the Live Game. Each area will be 1995.

Roaming Mounts and New Pets!

Roaming Mounts
Set your Mounts free! Just like pets, mounts can now be placed in a house and allowed to roam about, and yes that includes the brooms and wings! New Pets!
New pets can be obtained through a quest given to you by your school Professor! You must be at least level 58 and have completed the Grizzleheim quest "Blackbird in a Cage" to obtain this quest.


new spells

Sunday, April 24, 2011

New poll!

I have a new poll! The "Do you like this blog?" poll! Decide whether you like my blog or not and vote! I'm shooting for 25 votes! Let's see if we can get there! It ends May 10th. Enjoy!

New wizard video of the week!

Yes! A new wizard video of the week! This time, the celestia commercial! I though this was such a cool video! Enjoy!

Happy Easter everybody! Have a great one!

And I'm not sure if anyone saw the little banner I added at the top, but we not have a toolbar!!! So far we have gotten 1 download (But I think that was from me :P) Enjoy it!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New wizard video of the week...

Hi all, I know the wizard video of the week should be put up every Sunday, sadly, I will not be able to post from Sunday to Thursday. So I am posting the wizard video of the week today.

This weeks wizard video of the week... The making of wizard101 part 1! I thought this was a very interesting video, so enjoy!

meeting for...

There is gonna be a meeting for people who are in or want to join the angels of wizard101. the meeting will be tomorrow at 3pm eastern time in the ice tower realm wraith so bring your friends
want to find out more just scroll down to you find the post angels of wizard101

and also sry for not posting so much i been busy.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wizard video of the week...

There is a new Wizard video of the week! This weeks video... Ditto interviewing Fred Howard about wintertusk! Enjoy!

Note: Remember, a new video will be put up every Sunday, if you have a video to suggest please send it to and it might make it on my blog! Please remember all videos must be wizard101 related.

calling all artists

from phoenixco2
on wizard101 central
click here

quote"Hello all you budding artists out there, I would like if someone could pls make me a new Sig and Avi, I give free rain and will obviously pick my favorite to win, the prize offered is Aprils $20 best buy gift card, it gives crimsonzilla pet that has fireblade card I believe. Please take your time and look at my photos to get an idea of me, if you need to know anything or would like some more photos feel free to Pm Me, good luck and I hope someone comes up with something I will really really like

Just found out that the pet isnt stuck with fireblade card, it all depends when you redeem it so if you want the crimsonzilla attack, dont redeem it till next month or keep looking on wiz for which month makes it the best pet for you and then redeem it, I live in england and hubby came back with these cards for me, its all new"

so join it now to win the prize
remember to join you have to click the link

Friday, April 8, 2011

Contest winner

I went to a site call and used a machine that wizard101 central uses when they have drawings

here are some pics to show you that you been entered.

and the winner for the $10 gift card from game stop is

Jeanette, i have emailed you with the gift card code so enjoy your pet and either your month sub or 5,000 crowns


From the wizard101 homepage
Welcome to our first

Thats right the sunshine moonlight and sunlight are on sale in the crown shop!!!
Between April 8th 2011 and April 17th 2011, almost everyone can afford to travel the Spiral in style!

All our permanent mounts are on sale up to 50% off! For this special event, we've brought back some previously retired mounts and there are some new mounts you have never seen!

Visit the Crown Shop to buy your mounts today - you're going to want them!

There's a special surprise coming up in the Spiral that will let your mounts roam around your house! Watch the video here for more information and look for this roaming mounts feature to arrive in the Spiral before summer.

There's a special surprise coming up in the Spiral that will let your mounts roam
around your house!

click here to see offical video

Scarecrow pet
kraken pet
the myth frog pet cant spell it lol


The contest is CLOSED, no more entries. I'm not exactly sure when Jason will be drawing the winner, but he'll post them :) Stay tuned!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Woot! I have 2000 views now! Wow, I must say, when I made this I thought getting to 150 views would be great. I've also added a new feature, subscribing by Email! Yes, below the follow button there is a subscribe by email button. Enjoy!


Click on the voki

If you didn't understand Terry(the dog) the riddle is below
The riddle is:
It is there but you never attend.What's the place?
So comment with the correct answer.
The deadline is Friday April 8, 2011.
The prize is a $10 gift card
So you only get one chance to comment right, and dont forget to put your email with it.

p.s. it came to my notice that there is really kinda too anwsers so i take both of them if you post one.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Angels of Wizard101

Its a new group that just got started in diary of a wizard connect x

quote "We help all people who are in need. We are kind and curteous to everyone. We will try to get kinsisle to set up events to buy crowns for charities such as cancer. We are the angels of Wizard101!"


and to see the post contest intro click here

Wizard video of the week!

O.K.! With all the craziness going on with mount week and Jason's contest, I think I've pulled together something to do. I will begin with doing something called "Wizard video of the week" Basically, every week I will put up a wizarding video! Now, here is the $1,000,000 issue with this. Blogger will not allow me to embed it too large. SO, here's the deal, it will have to be tiny, so I will recommend watching them in full screen. New videos will be put up every Sunday.

IF I FIND TROUBLES WITH DOING THIS, I will take it down. So no promises ;)

This weeks video... Wizard weekly episode 1. If you are not familiar with wizard weekly it's a video segment put on by Fawne on central. So enjoy watching it!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Contest intro

Click on the voki

Be sure to come back on Monday for the riddle
Only one person can win
I will get all the right answers and put them in a random Drawing.
~ Jason ThunderShield
P.S. plz follow this blog so I can have more contest like this one. This will be my first contest I host on this blog.
Don't forget to comment

Poll closed! Countdown over!! Me and my wizarding life!

The poll is closed! We got 18 votes! Okay, so it's not as good as 20, but hey, it was pretty close. The option which won was... OTHER!!! Wait... other? Uh... What other is there? Well I guess it could be gardening since I lamely forgot to put that in. Second place was quest and third place was farming. If you selected other, please tell me what other YOUR wizard likes to do! You can comment, find me on the fan sites or email me at I'd love to hear what else you like to do!

The mysterious countdown is over! I guessed wrong... It wasn't nothing, it was a pet rock! A pet rock... with eyes. CRREEPPYY! When I saw it I was thinking "OH MY GOSH! I HAVE TO GET THIS!" But I don't think I will. I don't have enough crowns and it would cause me to spend an extra $5 which I don't want to do. 

So, remember that storm wizard I was talking about earlier in my blogs life? He's level 17 now. Not all to high but still pretty good. I tried hatching for a nightmare, guess what I got? A unicorn! I was so mad! The mix is helephant with unicorn right? Well I hope. Or that was 17,000 gold out the window.

Well, I think that's all I have to say today. Cya all!                                     

Friday, April 1, 2011

Come on come on!

VOTE VOTE VOTE! 7 Hours left on the poll and 13 votes! Let's get to 15! So if you haven't... VOTE!!!!!