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Sunday, April 10, 2011

calling all artists

from phoenixco2
on wizard101 central
click here

quote"Hello all you budding artists out there, I would like if someone could pls make me a new Sig and Avi, I give free rain and will obviously pick my favorite to win, the prize offered is Aprils $20 best buy gift card, it gives crimsonzilla pet that has fireblade card I believe. Please take your time and look at my photos to get an idea of me, if you need to know anything or would like some more photos feel free to Pm Me, good luck and I hope someone comes up with something I will really really like

Just found out that the pet isnt stuck with fireblade card, it all depends when you redeem it so if you want the crimsonzilla attack, dont redeem it till next month or keep looking on wiz for which month makes it the best pet for you and then redeem it, I live in england and hubby came back with these cards for me, its all new"

so join it now to win the prize
remember to join you have to click the link

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