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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Meowmodon Gathering

On Sunday, May 1st at 5:00pm east in nightshade, everyone who would like to come and have a meowmodon mount should come. I will be asking 4 questions to everyone there, and would like for you guys to give back postive feedback. This feedback will go to Kingsisle Entertainment for a event I am trying to get passed. Please I would like everyone to be quiet until I ask one question, than you can answer at the same time. Then wait for the next question. I would like someone to go who can record as well. If you dont have a meowmodon bring in a tiger mount or lion k? One random person will be chosen to recieve A Hand of Doom pack. At the end.

The Questions Are: ( so you can practice)

1) Do you like your Meowmodon Mount?

2) Why did you get it?

3) If Kingsisle was to do sale another charity mount for crowns will you get it?

4) What mount should it be?

Tell your friends.


  1. Yes i like meowmodon mount and many people will like a new mount like that