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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Housing Review: Celestial Observatory

I have taken the time to do a housing review on the Celestial Observatory house.
This house can be crafted by master and grandmaster artisans only. The recipe can be acquired from the housing turtle in The Celestia Base Camp.

When you enter the Celestial Observatory you will be confronted with debris floating around, no it won't hurt you! Continue down the path you are directed to, this is what it should look like:

Yes, the Celestial Observatory is the second house to have a dueling circle!!!

On your left and right there is a little "Hut" so to speak.
The left one,

Has a moon shape pool in it, perfect for nice spacey (Pun intended) baths!

The right one,


Is more of a meeting area, it has, well, nothing in side.
Now to move into the inside of the house.

This inside is amazing with great astral designs. The first floor is basic with a sun mosaic on the ground .

Move upstairs one level using the teleporter you should find this:

This room is just a starter with small stars on the ground. The thing I love about this house is every floor has a different tile pattern representing that astral school.

Move on to the second floor, this one is the star floor.
It has some great star patterns on the ground, this one is my favorite!

Next up is the sun floor:

  This one is basically the same, just with different markings on the ground

Last and not least, the moon floor/observatory!

This one is the last floor which is the observatory, take a look up!

Overall, I would rate this house a 9/10.

Why not a 10/10 you ask? Because there is really no place to put a garden that would make sense, I mean, a garden in space?

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  1. there should be a domed, grassy place. but its a really good house