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Friday, January 13, 2012

In-game update

Here's a little update of what I've been doing in-game.
Too start off, I finished the chancel!! :D :D

I am truly the greatest explorer

I also got the quest too the Trial of Spheres! Yay! Thanks so Alexis DragonDreamer for helping me out :)
I haven't gotten to doing it yet. But I've been doing non-stop Wintertusk! I wanted to my Phoenix pet SO BAD that I spent 4 hours doing WT :P
I love the quest that takes you to Nordrilund, just because of the transformation

I'm going to have to make a new signature with for central with that in it :P (Totally off topic: I got PS!)
I learned that I hadn't completed skabrok yet for power link (Boy am I lazy) So I finished that up. I ALSO learned that I had a side quest from MARLEYBONE (THAT is embarassing) LOL! So I finished that up as well.
I went on to meet Nordri:

He's a cool guy :D During my meeting I made it to level 63!
I finished up my 4 hour marathon with, MY PHOENIX PET!!!!

I just was reading that the test realm is open? Will have to post on that one later, gotta go now :)

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