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Thursday, May 24, 2012

And I'm back!

Alright, The site is pretty much finished, the only thing that's not is the header. I haven't decided whether to make one myself, or ask someone. Though, I am back on Wizard101 so you could se me around, because I'm on this trip I can't play as much as I could normally. But I'll get a fair amount of playing. I'm also going to start blogging about other games, mainly Minecraft. I am working on a server with some other people, but probably won't get it up until October. However, you will be able to get on our website before the server opens. I'll put the link up later. I'll also start every post title with what game I am gaming about, and a name about what happened in the post.
Thanks so much for your continuous support, and I look forward to get back into blogging!!

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