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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fire Dragon!

I got Fire Dragon! Which also comes with the Helephant pet and Master Of Fire badge!

Using a Mega Snack Pack Gifted to me by Olivia from central (Thanks Olivia!) and buying one, I was able to "Power Level" my Helephant to aldult, Though I am not impressed of the talents he gained. He gained Pip'o'Plenty, but it only gives me 1% power pip percentage, and that was disappointing, does it get better? He also got crafty, which gives him +50 max will. Selfish elephant...

I got to say, I LOVE fire dragon. With the regular hit, and the DOT it's deals the damage of an AOE Helephant, which is great. Killer in PvP.

I am a "Master Of Fire", I believe that is the coolest badge in the game, and I have it!

1 comment:

  1. Thats awesome! I am a Legendary Pyromancer but you get there soon enough.

    P.S. I also will like to meet/add you in game if thats cool? send me a pm on central name on there is jasontundershield k.