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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Level 13 and Bat Wings!

I just got my storm wizard up to level 13, So close to 14. I also Bought bat wings! Yes, for the first time ever (Other then last Christmas when I received a $10 Toys'r'us Giftcard) I got crowns! And no, not 5,00 to 10,000 crowns, but 30,000! That's a boatload! (For me at least :P) With those 30,00 crowns I bought my training points back, bat wings, a couple gifted booster packs, stitching and henchmen!

I could use some advice on what to use these on! Please tell me! (Email: Or just comment!

For an update on the poll about me and gardening, I have 1 vote...... ... ... ... 1 vote....... ... ... ... I mean, Really, 1? Well, you still have 19 days left, so get voting! :-) Thanks to the 1 person who voted!

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