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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gold tips!

I would like to say, when I sent the call out for gold getting suggestions, I Got 2!

First one comes from Alia Lotuspetal:

  "Well, I'm actually pretty rich (120,000 gold!) and my way of getting gold is farming Oyotomi the Defiler in the Village of Sorrow in Mooshu. He drops some neat stuff too! (fire symbol boots, storm symbol hat, life symbol hat, balance symbol robe, a sword, etc.) And as a matter of fact, within about 2 hours, I earned 50,000 gold from him!

If that doesn't work, farming the Ravens will get you a lot of gold as well, but they take a little longer. I hope my tips were useful, and good luck earning gold!

~The LotusPetal"

Thanks Alia! I'll be sure to try Oyotomi the Defiler in Mooshu! I could sure use those boots ;)

Second one is from Mason Ironhorn who says:

"I have a few tips...

1. If you have any random low level clothes in your bank, sell em! This wi;ll probally get you a lot of gold. Also, celstia clothes that dont boost your school will get you a lot of gold.

2. Farm farm farm! It is a great way to get gold and school gear you may need. You can check out one of Ironhawks guides on Centrel, find a boss you want to farm for an item you need, and then battle battle battle! Sell all the items you wont use at the bazaar for extra money!

3. This on e is more of a trick then a tip and only gets you a little gold, but still works. create a new character. Skip the tutorial. Go to your dorm. Put everything in your dorm into your shared bank. Go back to the character you need gold on. Sell all house items. Rinse and repeat.

Those are my tips, hope they're helpful!

Mason Ironhorn"

Nice tips Mason! The only thing wrong is that the third one doesn't work. They changed it so that all starter furniture is no trade, but thanks anyway! :-)


  1. definently the best gold givers in my opinion are the cheating bosses in stormriven, in about 20 minutes i got 15,000 gold. each battle they give anywhere from 2000-5000 gold.

  2. Darn, and I got the third one off of youtube too!